Precious Stones

From the dazzling white of diamonds to the rich blue of sapphires, from the lavish red of rubies to the brilliant green of emeralds, and the infinite hues of sapphires and amethysts, each stone is an invitation to explore nature's kaleidoscope of colours.

Every gem in our collection embodies the highest standard of quality. It is meticulously shaped and set to preserve its innate charm, accentuate its natural radiance, and dazzle in its unique splendour. Believed to offer protection, love, and prosperity to their wearers, each piece honours this rich legacy and tradition, breathing life into their timeless stories.

The De Beers
Diamond Collection

Our partnership with De Beers Forevermark reflects our commitment to excellence and trust. As a member of this distinguished network, we offer not just jewellery but also the assurance of rarity, beauty, and ethical sourcing that only a De Beers Forevermark diamond can provide.



Bangles & Bracelets




Navrathna Collection

Precious stones and astrology have a long history, with each gem thought to impact various parts of one's life, from enhancing personal characteristics to providing protection and balance. Our Navratna jewellery brings harmony and pleasant energy into your life by connecting your inner energies to the cosmos.